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Letter to La Canaricultura

Hello everyone. A few days ago we received through the mail of the web an email that reached our heart:

I am Rafael, with this email I just wanted to give you my most sincere congratulations on the page. I am a veterinarian and bird fan. I was a colombicultor federado many years ago, although with the studies I had to leave this hobby. I have always had canaries at home, but I have never been serious about raising them. Now at this stage of life, when the race is over, I want to start raising with some Canary Islands, but before I get down to work I want to read and learn more about this wide and interesting world.

Of all the pages I have visited, this has undoubtedly been the most interesting and coherent from my point of view. I say this, because it is the only page that I have seen until now quite serious and that informs the canaricultores of the possible pathologies that can have our birds, but does not incite to the diagnosis and the treatment by the owners (that is to Which is outlined in other pages). Ideally, as is well said on the page, it is recommended that the veterinarian be consulted and that he be the one who establishes a procedure for the diagnosis, that prescribes a treatment and applies an administration pattern. Thank you very much, you do not know what I am happy that these things are indicated on the internet. Because after studying a career in veterinary medicine, with what it costs, It does not like nor is it advisable for everyone to acquire and administer antibiotics in their own way; The resistance and toxicity of some products can cause great havoc in our birds and in some cases in the whole aviary.

I do not tire you any more, Congratulations on the page.
A greeting.


The truth is that we did not know what to answer, just to thank him for these words of encouragement that make us work even harder on our project. Rafael is quite right, a person with qualified veterinary studies has knowledge what they learn after years of effort in a faculty, and it is from them that we have to learn the lovers of canariculture. Thank you Rafael.