Books related to canariculture, silvestrism and ornithology in general. Free and in PDF format.


Canariculture Treaty Roller

(ERFratantoni, 1986)

10 Small caged birds

(Juan Bautista Xamarro, 1603)

Canaries. Acquisition, care, illness, nutrition and singing

(Otto von Frisch, 1982)

The Canary

(Pascual Aguilar, 1886)

Treaty of the Canary Islands

(Ramon de Fonseca, 1897)

Treaty of hens, pigeons, canaries and nightingales

(JDT, Cuban Agriculture)

Introduction to canariculture. “Birds of adornment”

(Free copy, 2007)

Diseases of the birds

(Robert Stroud, 1984)

The Goldfinch, Breeding Varieties Hybrid Mutations

Renzo Esuperanzi

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