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Hello friends. We are in early April, and it is the time when breeders have more work with our clutches, and also in my point of view the most beautiful part of canariculture. The joy of seeing the first egg of the season, the care that the male gives the female while incubating the eggs, the newborn chicks … Although we must not forget that sometimes we are disappointed as this has more Of art than of science. But although some season is not as good as we hope, we always learn something new for next time.

It is the desire to improve, to learn new things and to eliminate customs of canariculture already obsolete and without scientific basis that moved us to create this web where to be able to gather information and to be able to discuss between expert and novice canaricultores on this beautiful world of the canaries . That is why, in brief we will implement a forum in LaCanaricultura.com so that users can freely discuss about canaricultura, silvestrismo, psitácidas … A forum without advertising (thus there will be no external interference typical of other forums of the subject) where anyone Can expose their opinion and knowledge in a public way, and where respect and good service should prevail, this is our purpose. We will keep you informed.

To finish, this last week have added new articles very interesting to the web: Garlic and its properties in birds , Germinated , Correct management of breeding , Megabacterias , El Pulmosan . Enjoy it, greetings !!

Book The Goldfinch added to the library.

Good news for bird lovers and silvestrism. I have added to the library the book The Goldfinch, Varieties Creates Hybrid Mutations of Renzo Esuperanzi, a great work on this fringílido. You can download it in the library. Enjoy it!

New items uploaded

Several articles have been added to their respective sections. In brief will be uploaded several more that are in the process of placement. Do not forget to visit La Canaricultura to see what’s new!

Article on the temperature of the Canary Islands

Last year I saw a very interesting article about a study that sought to collect information on the incubation temperature suitable for a canary egg, and in which it also provided temperature data collected in dististas stages of canary breeding. The author is Fabian M. Gery Meirás (CN EI93), and at the end of the article promised a more exhaustive study for this year 2014. Very kindly, Fabian has sent us the article of 2013 to upload it to the web click here . He has also told us that he is conducting research this breeding season and is sending data in real time to the internet of the data collected by his devices. You can see them in the following link: http://www.canariculturalucense.com/arduino_lugo.php

Thank Fabian for his article and the kindness with which he has served us. We look forward to your new job!


New diptych Tabernil

Hello everyone. By courtesy of the pharmacist Alicia Palomar (www.parafarmaciaalicia.com) I have uploaded a diptic of the medicines for birds Tabernil very useful to know which product to use in case of illness of our canaries. Well find it in the veterinary articles section .

New book added to the Library

For some time now I have been behind a book that I consider quite important in the art of canariculture. The book is “Diseases of the Canaries,” by Robert F. Stroud, who was a prisoner of Alcatraz who found comfort in his isolation by raising and selling birds. He is best known as the ” Alcatraz Birdman ” for his fondness for canariculture and his research while in prison. The book is from 1939, although in 1984 appeared a version translated into Spanish “Diseases of the Canaries” by the Hispano-European publishing house, which at the moment is very difficult to find by its antiquity. But at last I have found it, and I put it at your disposal for your enjoyment. library

The web is taking shape

Hello friends. Almost a week ago the web saw the light and little by little we are completing the different sections. We are working hard to correct mistakes and make the page accessible. You can already visit the library where you will find books of canaricultura in Spanish and the section of articles. You can also follow us on twitter:

Welcome to the website of La Canaricultura

Hello everyone. At the moment we are working on the construction of the web. Some links may or may not be present. In the next few days it will be operational. Sorry for the inconvenience.